THE RETREAT – Terms and Conditions

We (Jessica Jordan, Cloudia Hill and Court Farm – venue host) are delighted to welcome you on this yoga retreat and ask that you read the following carefully. By reserving your place on our retreat, you are confirming that you agree to and accept the following terms and conditions.

 Booking and payment

  • A 50% deposit is required to reserve a place on this retreat and the remaining 50% retreat payment must be paid 30 days before the retreat starts. You will receive an email receipt confirming both payments have been received.
  • For group bookings, each individual must pay their own deposit to confirm their attendance and their agreement and acceptance of these terms and conditions. A group leader may coordinate the remaining retreat payments.
  • The retreat price must be paid in full and any potential banking transfer fees must be paid by you.

Cancellation policy
If for any reason you cannot attend the retreat, please email us as soon as possible and we will do our best to fill your place so that we can fully refund you. This may not always be possible however and if we cannot fill your place the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • Over 45 days before the retreat begins: £50 cancellation fee
  • 44 – 15 days before the retreat begins: 50% of the retreat price
  • 14 days or less before the retreat begins: 100% of the retreat price.

Please note, we cannot refund you in full or part payment should you need to leave the retreat early at all.

Occasionally we may need to make changes to the retreat e.g. class times or yoga teachers, and we reserve the right to do so at any time. In the case of accommodation changes, we will do everything possible to offer you a room of a similar category to the one you booked. We also reserve the right to cancel the retreat, and in the unlikely event of having to do so will refund your deposit and/or retreat payment in full.

The arrangement and cost of travel is not included in your retreat booking. It is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to reach the venue.  We are not responsible for any consequences arising from cancellations or delays in travel. Should issues with your travel affect your ability to attend the yoga retreat the cancellation policy will apply (see above).

It is your responsibility to have insurance that covers yoga and any activities on the retreat that you may book (such as horse riding etc.) as well as potential losses, damages, injuries, illness, cancellations and risks. We are not responsible for injury, loss, damage or theft of personal belongings.

Health and safety

  • Before the retreat begins, we will be sending you an attendee form to gain a better understanding of your yoga experience and any health problems or medical conditions that we need to be made aware of.
  • Should you have any health concerns, it is your responsibility to consult a doctor to confirm that you are in good health to practice yoga and any other physical activities that you may choose to take part in (e.g. horse riding etc.)
  • The yoga instructor reserves the right to advise you not to participate in activities at the yoga retreat if you have any health problems or medical conditions that may be affected by them.
  • If you feel any discomfort, pain or suffer an injury during any of the activities at the yoga retreat, you must stop as soon as possible and inform us. If you continue with the activity and there are chances of further worsening the injury, we reserve the right to deny your stay and participation in the yoga retreat, without refunding your retreat payment.
  • Although Court Farm (the venue host) take all necessary measures to ensure high standards of health and safety, we are located in a rural area where it is common to have unevenness in the ground and we cannot be held responsible for injuries suffered as a result of this.
  • We need to be informed of any pregnancies and will only be able to teach yoga to pregnant women who are between 12 – 28 weeks of gestation and will need to work with you to adapt the yoga practice accordingly. It is your responsibility to check with your doctor that you are fit to travel and capable of performing the activities we offer. It is better that any pregnant women who wish to attend the yoga retreat have practiced yoga before.
  • We are not responsible for any illness, injuries or psychological conditions that you may have nor for any possible risks, illness, injuries or psychological conditions that you may develop during the yoga retreat.

In the unlikely event of any problems arising during your yoga retreat, please inform us as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of individual members of the group but will do our very best to resolve any difficulties.

Unforeseen circumstances
We do not accept any liability for cancellations, threat of war, or delays, changes caused by war, terrorist actions or threats, industrial action, civil strife, closure of airports, technical problems to transport, natural disaster, staff cancellations, unforeseen changes in your circumstances or other events beyond our control.

Privacy policy
Please be assured that any information you share with us will be kept in the strictest confidence and not passed on to any third parties. We do not share register, record or share any personal or banking data