Join Cloudia Hill for a yoga cleanse in June. This yoga weekend is custom-crafted to give you a total mind, body and soul cleanse.

Cloudia’s natural and honest approach allows you to strip off your armour, explore, find a freedom, take up as little or as much space as you need and most importantly encourages you to smile. Her non judgemental approach helps you to grow both physically and spiritually on and off the mat.

This weekend will build from one day to the next, enabling the group to make significant progress in their practice with a toolbox of skills that they can take back home with them.

Arrival class: A strong dynamic vinyasa (one breath one movement to enable a moving meditation). The class will start with 5 sun A’s and 5 sun B’s followed by a strong practice to rid your journey and welcome you to this wonderful space, followed by yoga nidra to help you to relax and get ready for a quiet night sleep.  Key themes will be introduced through the class and we will revisit them throughout the weekend.

Morning sessions: A strong and sustained practice breaking down the postures and focusing on the fluidity of the practice and transitioning. Expect standing asanas, arm and leg balances, back bending, and inversions. We will grow each posture to enable the yogi to work through the variations that best suit their bodies. The asanas we meet in this sequence will be workshopped in the evening.

Evening sessions:  Include twists, forward bends, and hip openers. There will be a strong 60-minute flow followed by workshopping particular asanas.  Breaking them down and learning tips and tricks.

The Meditation will be based upon our open discussion earlier in the evening about the koshas. You do not need to know anything about the sheaths or koshas before you arrive. The path of yoga is an inward journey towards realization of one’s true nature. The Pancha Kosha meditation takes you on this journey by gently taking your attention to the five sheaths.

Pranayamic breathing will be introduced throughout the weekend and will be made accessible for you to practice and incorporate into your practice at home.

If you would like a 15 minute one to one buzz class with Cloudia in your down time please don’t forget to book your slot. She will work with you on the specifics of your query.

Mats, blocks and straps will be provided however please feel free to bring your own mat and comfortable clothing for your meditation.

Cloudia Hill